Dear customers, we are sorry to inform you that we do not complete orders for balustrades any more. We have specialised in professional tooling stainless steel.

kobamet obróbka stali nierdzewnej - polerowanie stali nierdzewnej krok po kroku

Grinding stainless steel

We deal with professional machining stainless steel, especially grinding the stainless steel.

Professional grinding stainless steel by Kobamet

The service of grinding chromium-nickel steel by Kobamet includes:

  • grinding untypical elements of rustless steel, like: fixtures, chutes, collectors, boiler casings, bearers, stirrers, floors, stub pipes, channels, hatchways, reactors for chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical  industry, and other;
  • grinding internal and external surface of pipes, knee-pieces, joints, reducers, joints, a.s.o.;
  • grinding containers and boilers of  corrosion resistant steel, both inside and outside;
  • grinding welds, tooling pieces of stainless steel after bending, cutting, mechanical tooling;
  • grinding sheets of rustless steel/forms;
  • regeneration of chromium-nickel steel, damage removal and fixing different pieces of corrosion resistant steel like: chemical containers, gastronomy furniture, pharmaceutical devices, dairy devices and others;
  • tooling acid-resistant steel surface by abrasive blasting through glass bead blasting;
  • Ra and Rz surface roughness measurement;
  • and others.



At present, technological requirements for production processes in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries impose high standards of smoothness of interior surfaces for transmission surfaces.

We offer the highest quality service of grinding rustless steel for industry and manufacturing!



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High quality grinding stainless steel

We only work with verified tools and materials from renowned producers, like Lucas, Hermes and PFERD-VSM i 3M. We depend on reliable measuring devices MAHR.

Grinding stainless steel is a process of machining at the introductory or final stage.  In the process of grinding we avoid dross, consequently, we minimise the risk of surface corrosion.

Professional grinding rustless steel in Kobamet means high precision of roughness, dimensions and shapes of the pieces machined.

In Kobamet we treat grinding stainless steel on a broad basis,
we do it on time and reliably!

We treat each and every order individually. We take the level of complexity of the pieces to be machined, requirements of the customer and their indications into consideration.

In Kobamet we offer competitive prices, effective order realisation and, first of all, perfect quality of  grinding chromium-nickel steel. We are a reliable and experienced partner!

We complete both single orders and orders in series on machining corrosion resistant steel on the spot in Kobamet, at the customer’s firm and abroad, as well.

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