Dear customers, we are sorry to inform you that we do not complete orders for balustrades any more. We have specialised in professional tooling stainless steel.

kobamet obróbka stali nierdzewnej - polerowanie stali nierdzewnej krok po kroku

Welding stainless steel

We guarantee good prices, individual attitude to orders, perfect quality of welding stainless steel and realisation on time!

Professional welding stainless steel – only with Kobamet!

We take a broad view of tooling rustless steel, including welding corrosion resistant steel.

We complete orders for welding acid-resistant steel with the MIG, MAG, TIG methods on time and at the highest quality.We use professional devices by KEMPPI. Our team are the best professionals with proper welding licences!

We cooperate with a firm dealing with supervision of welding. Thus, our customers avoid investing in expensive devices and making room for welding stainless steel.

We meet 100% expectations of our customers both with the aesthetics of welds in rustless steel of various thickness, shape and use.

Welding corrosion resistant steel on broad basis and with high expertise

We also weld stainless steel with alloy – black steel.

While welding chromium-nickel steel with another alloy, we apply an optimum method, adequate with the  characteristics of the alloy. We prepare materials carefully and clean them before tooling in order to avoid dross which may affect the quality of the weld.


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Kobamet is a reliable partner!

Welding corrosion resistant steel is a demanding process. Potential distortions or cracks may become a challenge. But not for us!

Contact us! We make an individual valuation of welding stainless steel – sheet welding, welding rustless pipes, flanges, knee-pieces, joints, balustrades and others. We will define possibilities and the deadline for a single order or order in series depending on:

  • documents,
  • type and diversity of pieces for tooling steel,
  • expectations of the customer as for the result,
  • details and indications delivered by the customer.

Our main goal is to offer and complete services of the highest possible quality, in accordance with the individual needs of our customer. Our expertise and experience place us in the position of a leader in machining stainless steel both in Poland and abroad!

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